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I have tons of extra upcyclable bags (like these) at home and I'm pretty sure everyone else does too. It's a quick project perfect for a snowy or rainy day. You better have an answer ready because everybody will be asking you where you got that scarf! Please make sure to vote for me in the Sew Warm contest!

Here's what you need: Reusable grocery bag (the softer the material the better), scissors, and a sewing machine

Step 1: Snip, Snip, Snip

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Grab your bag and cut down the sides so you have a "T" shape. Now cut your pieces on the white lines in the picture so that there are two short and one long piece. You don't have to be a champion cutter to do this, but try to keep them neat. Now sew your two short pieces together to create a long strip of fabric. It may not be as long as the first piece you cut, but that's ok.

Step 2: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Sew your two long pieces into one long piece. Fold the piece over, hot dog style, so that you have a tube of fabric. Now sew the thin long piece together,so you have a tube(make sure to keep the right sides(sides you want to show on thefinished scarf) together). Turn your scarf right side out. Now we are growing to create infinity! Twist your scarf and bring the ends together so that you have one long loop. Thread one end through the other and sew them together.

Step 3: Wear and Enjoy!

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Congratulations! You're done. Wear and enjoy!


bizzycrafter (author)2016-02-05

Wow! You've got that contest in the bag!

I ALWAYS forget to take those to the store (which is why I have so many). Maybe I would get more out of an Instructable about how to carry your groceries home in a scarf!

klaird1 (author)2016-01-31

hmmmm so this is fashion

euhmomma (author)klaird12016-02-01

I was kinda thinking 'this is a joke, right?'

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