A thousand dollar wedding dress any modern Cinderella would be proud to wear- semi-homemade, simple yet elegant, green (recycled) and free...wait did I say free? Stay with me folks and I'll show you how to turn thin air into your dream dress like magic. All you need is this instructable and a bit of magic. Follow these steps and you can turn a free outa fashion dress into the dress of your dreams!

Step 1: Find the Dress

So after you've found the man that loves you it's time to find the dress you love. There are thousands of shops that sell last year's fashion at rock bottom prices. However, I think saving a really doomed dress kinda poetic. Check out craigslist.com or freecyle.com and post that you'd take any dress. I ended up with this one from the 80's.

The poor little dress was thrown into the garbage when a kind woman came across it and decided it was too beautiful to end up in a landfill. When I posted I wanted an old dress on www.freecycle.com she responded. About five sizes too small and the polar opposite of what I imagine my wedding dress, I took it anyway. It's a beautiful silk dress with yards and yard of fabric, nearly 50 pounds of silk and pearls! Next step designing the perfect dress.

<p>This is an absolutely beautiful dress!</p>
<p>Very nice job:a unique and beautiful transformation.</p>
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<p> That is beautiful. And I would never guess it began as something so outdated. And you are right the photos of you in it, is poetic. </p>
Nice job. Also I love the shoes. Did you do those yourself too?
OMG you are an absolute amazing designer.. once il get married.. il ask you to design my outfit lol;)
just so you know, the shinycrafts wordpress is private, the address requests permissions to see the page, <br> <br>all the best <br> <br>Heather
Wow, great work!
This is beautiful!

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