Step 6: Putting Back the Pieces

Now I had a mess of beads and silk that looked like a wolf got into it. It looks chaotic but one little step at a time!

1) I pinned the corset together as my pattern suggested. I tried it on and repined where it didn't fit just right. Then I sewed it together.

2) I sewed on the extra lace to the bottom of the dress where I originally cut it.

3) I sewed the corset top on the gown.

<p>This is an absolutely beautiful dress!</p>
<p>Very nice job:a unique and beautiful transformation.</p>
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<p> That is beautiful. And I would never guess it began as something so outdated. And you are right the photos of you in it, is poetic. </p>
Nice job. Also I love the shoes. Did you do those yourself too?
OMG you are an absolute amazing designer.. once il get married.. il ask you to design my outfit lol;)
just so you know, the shinycrafts wordpress is private, the address requests permissions to see the page, <br> <br>all the best <br> <br>Heather
Wow, great work!
This is beautiful!

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