Step 15: Once more with feeling

Picture of Once more with feeling
To recap:

Lots of natural fiber sweaters, more than you think you'll need, and with a color palette in mind.

Your personal design might evolve as you stitch.

 You might find something else you like better than folded satin to make faux piping, like, say, brocade.

You may suddenly cut out more pieces of the foundation sweater and replace it with more contoured pieces. You can add pockets of literally all types and sizes. I may realize that the inner facing of a long stripe is the perfect place to add a small pocket for my glasses case. You may suddenly decide you need to stitch/embroider giant leaf shapes along the hem. Who knows?

Where was I?

If you do nothing else while following my tutorial, cut your strips of fabric as evenly as possible. Theoretically, you can build this coat with no true measuring or pin use.  Evenly cut and sewn lines will add more character than take it away. Smooth transitions and consistently sized strips of fabric prove your seamstress cred.  

When you make your next coat, you can go further outside the box.  You might decide you want two tails on your hood, or layers of overlapping material that hang down the skirt in a cascade of fabric, or even just a waist length hoodie-style for cooler weather.

You are done whenever you are done. You can always go back and add more fabric. If you get tired of piping and strips, you could also just do very large 1 foot square squares to make up the last length of coat.  If you don't trim the bottom edge, it should be hemmed though.

Do make sure you clip all seams and/or finish them - it's weight in the coat you don't need. Because of the bandy nature of the coat, you can always, say just chop off part of the hood and hem it shorter, or do the same and add more bands.  The main thing is that your stitches are neat and tidy and that nothing is pulled out of shape.