Step 15: Once More With Feeling

To recap:

Lots of natural fiber sweaters, more than you think you'll need, and with a color palette in mind.

Your personal design might evolve as you stitch.

 You might find something else you like better than folded satin to make faux piping, like, say, brocade.

You may suddenly cut out more pieces of the foundation sweater and replace it with more contoured pieces. You can add pockets of literally all types and sizes. I may realize that the inner facing of a long stripe is the perfect place to add a small pocket for my glasses case. You may suddenly decide you need to stitch/embroider giant leaf shapes along the hem. Who knows?

Where was I?

If you do nothing else while following my tutorial, cut your strips of fabric as evenly as possible. Theoretically, you can build this coat with no true measuring or pin use.  Evenly cut and sewn lines will add more character than take it away. Smooth transitions and consistently sized strips of fabric prove your seamstress cred.  

When you make your next coat, you can go further outside the box.  You might decide you want two tails on your hood, or layers of overlapping material that hang down the skirt in a cascade of fabric, or even just a waist length hoodie-style for cooler weather.

You are done whenever you are done. You can always go back and add more fabric. If you get tired of piping and strips, you could also just do very large 1 foot square squares to make up the last length of coat.  If you don't trim the bottom edge, it should be hemmed though.

Do make sure you clip all seams and/or finish them - it's weight in the coat you don't need. Because of the bandy nature of the coat, you can always, say just chop off part of the hood and hem it shorter, or do the same and add more bands.  The main thing is that your stitches are neat and tidy and that nothing is pulled out of shape.
<p>This is a great explanation of how to make these unique sweater coats! I've made several myself, in several different styles, and apparently I can't get enough because I'm contemplating making my 8th one. Here's the first one I ever made, which includes my own little tutorial on how to make these awesome coats: http://jenuinemom.com/2014/09/21/my-amazing-autumn-color-dreamcoat-a-journey-to-make-a-katwise-inspired-sweater-coat-for-under-50/</p>
<p>Thanks for this. I too bought Katwise instructions and one of her coats but want to make my own. Over many many years of visiting thrift shops I literally have several drawers filled with cashmere sweaters. I knew one day they could have another life and I cant wait to use your very useful instructions which I find easier to follow than Katewises'. Her creations are stunning beautiful as she has the most amazing sense of color and texture. No-one can duplicate her unique brilliance but we can create our own masterpiece or at least try. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Thanks again I will try an remember to post a picture.</p>
<p>I go to church rummage sales and they often have fill a bag for 2 dollars the last 2 hours of the sale - same with a few local thrift shops . I see one of these in my future .</p>
Thank you for posting non serger version of Katwise's coats, I looked at her coats and tutorials some time ago and decided I<br>cannot make me one like that because I don't own a serger and <br>I was not sure how to proceed <br>with a regular sewing machine to <br>make one like that... Now I will be off to Value Village... since the Goodwill stores around here closed for good... :-(((<br><br>
Thank you so much sista! Much respect from Arizona ~ Sunshine Diggity
<p>You did a great job. Thank you. Many like me will never ever be able to afford to buy the ones sold on etsy so no worries. </p>
<p>Be proud it's beautiful!!! Burger King never ask Mcdonald's to give up the burger.</p><p>ANYBODY can make anything called Free enterprise..just the way it go's.</p><p>If I sewed I would make and sell them..</p>
<p>Thank you for this :D (Y)...as for the lady that is freaking out about ripping off Katwise...give it up!! Who made you keyboard cop?? Stop trying to SAVE the world and live and let live...GOSH Pathetic :( As for this instructable it is CLEARLY stated in the beginning about how FABULOUS Kats coats are and how they each use different techniques.......Therefor NOT a rip off!! Keep your nose outta law cause you have NO CLUE what your talking about and you made yourself look foolish Susanrm...Funny how you say you did a consensus yet cant back up any data...LMAO-ROF</p>
i think its beautiful, i wish i could make one. <br> and as of instructions go, even though it was someones elses pattern, you made this one and, all you did was show how you made it. i see nothing wrong with that.
I've bought the tutorial but this helps me so much more and alot simpler to understand thanks so much!!!!
Wow. I fail to understand the negative comments here. You cannot &quot;patent&quot; a design. Once it's out there it is no longer yours. If that were the case, almost every designer out there would be broke in a flash. This coat is similar to, but not exactly the same as Katwise. Even if it was the same, it is not a Katwise. Katwise has her own flair and design. She also sells her own tutorials on how to make her coats. Hence, everyone can now make one exactly as she does. So, what's the problem? Have none of you ever bought a designer knock-off?
I'd wear that! Very nice work, too. ;-)
Nice work. I like the color choices, and the Palpatine-esque hood is a neat variation upon the original coats that inspired you. I'm a big fan of sweater upcycling projects.<br /><br />So, is it ridiculously warm?
Hey there, nice work. But your -ible was instantly recognizable to me as a rip-off of Katwise's. It would have been different if you had taken some of the techniques you learned from her and created your own cool design, but an elf coat? I think if she took you to court, she'd probably win, given the uniqueness and recognizability of her designs.<br><br>Please consider withdrawing your -ible and making a new one instead. I know you want to win the contest, but this isn't really a good way. You're talented, and I'm sure you can come up with your own ideas!
Honestly - All Katwise asks for is directed credit. there are other elf coat tutorials out there, NOT BY HER, for free. I credit her. I tell people to go buy her coats and tutorial. I bought her tutorial. I claim no credit for the design.<br><br>You'd do just as well going after all the people who do quilt tutorials or recipes.
Well, I can't speak for her, but I do know some of us aren't cool with it. Just so you know. You obviously mean well, but to me, this just crosses a line. Here is a good example of another elf coat that is inspired by, but completely unlike, Katwise's productions.<br> <br> <a href="http://gwenbeads.blogspot.com/2011/03/making-sweater-coat-part-1.html" rel="nofollow">http://gwenbeads.blogspot.com/2011/03/making-sweater-coat-part-1.html</a><br> <br> And I am really not &quot;going after&quot; you. Just pointing out something that struck me right between the eyes when I saw your -ible. I asked some folks on Facebook what they thought about it, and the consensus was that it is too close to the original for comfort, and it would have been better if you had asked her if it was okay to post a non-serger version of her instructions online.<br> <br> I have read hundreds and hundreds of -ibles on this site, and this is the first one that struck me this way.<br>
I have emailed Katwise and asked her what she would like me to do. If she asks me to take it down, I will.
That's good of you. You put a ton of work into this.
Fantastic, I've been looking for a tutorial on just this. You did a great job documenting the process - there's little more frustrating than finding an 'ible on something you've been looking for, and it's the finished product with &quot;sorry, but I forgot to take pictures as I was working on it.&quot; <br><br><br>...Not that I've done that myself &gt;.&gt; *cough*
Thanks for commenting! I thought of it when I saw the sew warm contest was open this year again, and couldn't find any Instructables on one, so it seemed like a good idea.<br><br>I still would recommend buying Katwise's tutorial for I think it was ten bucks on etsy, IF you want one like hers - mine takes considerably longer because you should finish the inside seams and it requires double stitching to do the piping - one to do the piping and one to add the next piece. I wrote it for people who don't have sergers but want to make this type of coat.<br><br>It was fun! I've been wearing this thing out for the last two days have have gotten zero weird looks or comments XD<br><br>Please pm me if you have any questions - sometimes I get too wordy, I think, and sometimes I forget things.

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