Upcycled Five Gallon Bucket Butt Can


Introduction: Upcycled Five Gallon Bucket Butt Can

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Why pay for an expensive commercial butt can when you can make one out of a five gallon bucket and a few other components.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Five Gallon Bucket

2. Drill with 1" hole bit

3. 2-3 foot 1" pvc pipe sch 40 (thick wall)

4. 90 degree coupler

5. sealant

6. sand or gravel and water

Step 2: Drill 1" Hole, Insert Pvc Pipe, Seal, and Install 90 Degree Coupler, Add Sand or Gravel and Water

1. Cut a 1" hole in center of bucket lid/top

2. Insert pvc pipe in hole about 6"-8"

3. Seal around the pvc pipe at hole.

4. Install 90 degree coupler on top of pvc pipe no need to seal

5. Add sand or gravel in bucket about a 1/4 or less of bucket with enough water to cover sand or gravel.

6. Mark Instrucable butt can



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