Step 2: Gut It!

Examine the back of your watch to see how to remove the backplate. Some have tiny screws, some you need to pry open. I have the pry open kind. After trying to get the back off for an hour, I realized that this watch was jammed shut far beyond my opening abilities. I took it to WalMart's jewelry section and the employee there opened it up for no charge.

Once you get the back off, carefully pull out the watch pins on the side and lift the whole time mechanism out of the watch body. Set aside for later disassembling.

My watch had a plastic band on the inside marking the 12, 3, 6, and 9 spots. I grabbed it with pliers, bent it back and forth a bit to loosen it up, and yanked it right out.

Now you have a beautiful, wearable picture frame ready to be filled!
paqrat3 years ago
If the dial is flat I think you could just carefully remove the hands and glue a picture or message directly to the dial. With the hands put back on you could have a functioning watch. (Assuming it worked before)
ckimbell3 years ago

I just made this. My watch also had a solid backing, so i searched it on google. A little prying and it came right off.
emilygraceking (author)  ckimbell3 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing that link. Enjoy your new watch.
I think you could/should have left the black ring with the numbers in the frame for a full "clock" effect......just my $0.02