Picture of Upcycled Orange Bag
Needless to say I bought this bag of oranges just so that I could make a bag out of it. The oranges, from Point Reyes Station, we're great, however.
I wasn't sure how the bag will turn out, but I was pleased with the result. It was much easier and faster than I expected.
I made a simple lining to make the bag stronger, and it gave the entire bag a nice look. I used a light weight canvas as lining - it's light, strong, and pretty...
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Step 1: Cutting The Lining

Picture of Cutting The Lining
14, 8:54.jpg
14, 8:54.jpg
I measured the canvas for the bag's lining by placing the fabric on the orange bag, leaving 1cm seem allowances.

Step 2: Stabilizing The Lining

Picture of Stabilizing The Lining
14, 8:54.jpg
14, 8:54.jpg
In order to stabilize the lining I sewed it to the orange bag from the outside.

Step 3: Shorten The Top

Picture of Shorten The Top
14, 8:54.jpg
14, 8:54.jpg
The original orange bag was too long, so I cut it short. I folded the lining on the outside, and made a hem. It fixed the top part and also looked nice.

Step 4: Preparing The Handles

Picture of Preparing The Handles
14, 8:54.jpg
I had this red and white band I bought years ago, and it fitted the colors nicely. I connected the band from the inside, making a square shaped pattern. I used the sewing machine mode that repeats each sew three times, to make it stronger.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!
The bag is ready to use - now you can carry your oranges in style!
nemalim (author) 1 year ago


That turned out great! I love how it seems so sturdy now :)