Learn how to make this modern, artistic, yet simple lantern from recyclables. The design can be resized to fit different materials and accommodate different light fixtures and looks wonderful in multiples as indoor/outdoor lanterns for special events such as weddings.

This lamp is inspired by the highly endangered and yet little known amazing animal known as the pangolin. In Chinese, the animal is known as 穿山甲 ("scales that pierce through mountains") and is mythologized as a being embodying great power to overcome any obstacle. Unfortunately, for this very reason, they are also poached and used in medicine. With this lantern, I also hope to raise awareness about the plight of these wondrous creatures and halt their path to extinction. Go to Save Pangolins for more information.

List of Materials

1. 2 Sheets of 12 x 18" 1mm Cardstock (approx. 300 mm x 450 mm)

2. About 200 Recycled plastic spoons

List of Tools

3. Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

4. Scissors

5. Exacto Knife

Optional Materials

6. Gold Spray Paint

Optional Tools

7. Laser Cutter (if you have access to a local makerspace!)

Step 1: Download the Template for Spiral Core

Download the provided template for a spiral sphere. The vector drawing file is named "spiral.ai" and can be opened using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (which is a free vector drawing program). It is laid out for a 12 x 20" document because that's the cutting bed size of the laser cutter at my local makerspace.

You will need two cut sheets, or a total of 10 pieces (5 from each cut sheet).

I roughly modeled the slices in Google Sketchup using the "Unfold" plugin and then experimented with different curvatures and widths until I got a nice shape with 10 pieces.

<p>Wow.... that is one amazing lamp :)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Ohhhh brilliant; I would have never guessed it was made of spoons! Looks really good. My first thought when I saw this was, &quot;it's dragon scales!&quot; Lol
<p>I was thinking the same thing and almost named it Khaleesi's Lamp!</p>
<p>Wow, this looks amazing!</p>
<p>Thanks. Glad you like it!</p>
<p>Thanks for posting I am going to try just the cut outs with used laundry bottles...live in an apartment building and have always wanted to recycle them ...some how. Excellent instructions.</p>
How thick is the paper you are using? Does the size 12x20&rdquo; equals to an A3 paper size? Can I use A4 size paper to print? I can split to print in 1 or 2 spirals at a time using A4 paper size. Is that possible?
<p>@<a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/cathychen/" rel="nofollow">cathychen</a> A stunning lamp this is. The spiral core is clearly the key to the beauty on this one. How exactly did you make that? Are you saying that sketchup plugin mimics how a shape would look in 3d? Not used that software b4 before so I am not sure :( Thanks for sharing the shape though. Great Ible. </p>
<p>Really cool...love the background story too! Great job and congrats on being a finalist! :)</p>
<p>Thank you. Hope I can win some of the awesome prizes so I can donate them to my local non-profit makerspace. Fingers crossed!</p>

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