Picture of Upcycled Paper Bead Earrings
Today I woke up in a fantastically creative mood and in need of an interesting pair of earrings. I remembered an old Christmas sweater my mother tried to throw away but underestimated my sneakiness! I salvaged the beads from her sweater and the paper from a Post Office sales flier. Enjoy!

Step 1: Getting in the Mood...

Picture of Getting in the Mood...
Firstly I’d like for you to take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and find an uncluttered space to work. You will need at least 3ft by 3ft of cleared space to lay out the items you will be working with.
The items today are going to be done in two separate parts. The first part will be for the beginner or the person who isn’t really into a lot of dangle. The second part will be the adding of the dangly beads.
To start, let’s gather our materials. They are as follows:

Part 1
• Scrap or salvaged Paper (Flyers mailed to you from businesses are great! Try to use thicker ones.)
• Upcycled beads of various size but in complimentary colors to your paper (Can be found on old clothes.)
• 1 paper punch or stencil & scissors for the shape of your paper bead (I used a Martha Stewart heart punch.)
(This will need to be a shape that is the same on both sides for folding)
• Two earring hooks (local Wal-Mart in craft section)
• Two head pins 2 inches long (local Wal-Mart in craft section)
• Glue stick
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Mod Podge or white Elmer’s school glue (local Wal-Mart in craft section)
(Only if you want to seal the paper bead)
Part 2
• 16 crimp beads same color as earring hooks (local craft store)
• Beading string or wire (local craft store)
bajablue4 years ago
Such creative talent!!! Gorgeous earrings!!!
Nice! Since you have the slots in the heart shapes anyway, you could string through them and put small beads in the gaps as well.
TabbyDeAnne (author)  georgiapeach7734 years ago
Thank you georgiapeach773! That is a FANTASTIC idea! I had thought of doing something with ribbon but beads would make it sparkle!
cgg1233215 years ago
Hehe you probably didn't do this on purpose, but they look like little T-phages ^-^ Great job nevertheless!
TabbyDeAnne (author)  cgg1233215 years ago
You know, I had to google that just to be sure but you are so right! Maybe I should re-name them something like "The T-phage Sensage" earrings?? lol Thanks for the heads up tho!