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I found these adorable vintage chocolate molds at an estate sale and turned them into adorable handmade pincushions. They'll be great for organizing different types of pins.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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small chocolate or jello molds

fabric scraps (stretchy is best)


embroidery thread



piece of paper

permanent marker


rubber band

bottle caps/coins/other (see gluing step)

glue (I used E6000)

jmyers11 year ago
shazni1 year ago

I remember making a pumpkin pin cushion in school. Only mine was Red ;). Perhaps it was s tomatoe. Lol. I really must try it again :) . Thanks for giving me a memory flash back !

tofugami1 year ago
2 cute. I like how they have contrasting colors that made them pop.


Abigail021 year ago
Love em!!

These are so cute!