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I found these adorable vintage chocolate molds at an estate sale and turned them into adorable handmade pincushions. They'll be great for organizing different types of pins.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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small chocolate or jello molds

fabric scraps (stretchy is best)


embroidery thread



piece of paper

permanent marker


rubber band

bottle caps/coins/other (see gluing step)

glue (I used E6000)

Step 2: Round Mold

Cut a circle about an inch larger than your mold. Mine ended up being about 3.75" in diameter.

Trace the stencil onto the back of the fabric and cut it out.

Choose a contrasting thread and use a running stitch (basic up and down) around the edge.

Pull on the two ends and cinch like a drawstring bag.

Stuff it with as much fluff as you can.

Pull tight on the strings and tie it off.

Step 3: Round Mold Threading

Picture of Round Mold Threading
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Pull the thread through the center of your poof and loop around.

Use your mold to gauge the spacing between thread loops.

When you've gone all the way around, add your buttons to the top

Step 4: Square Mold

Cut a square about an inch larger than the mold.

Fold it diagonally and make sure it's square. If not, trim the edges until it is.

Mark the back of the fabric as seen in the picture.

Put a couple stitches at the end of each of the lines.

Turn the fabric right-side-out.

Fill it with fluff and stitch from the far left stitch to the far right.

Squish the fluff to the center and away from the corners as pictured.

Fold the corners down and stitch them together.

I had to add another stitch to pull them tighter and make it more square.

Step 5: Glueing

Picture of Glueing
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Put your glue around the inside edge and bottom of the mold.

Stack some bottle caps, coins, or other similar item on top of the poof and rubber band it until dry.

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Add your pins and spread them around your various work spaces or give them as gifts.

jmyers112 months ago
shazni12 months ago

I remember making a pumpkin pin cushion in school. Only mine was Red ;). Perhaps it was s tomatoe. Lol. I really must try it again :) . Thanks for giving me a memory flash back !

tofugami1 year ago
2 cute. I like how they have contrasting colors that made them pop.


Abigail021 year ago
Love em!!

These are so cute!