Upcycled Rubber Headband (that Stays Put!)





Introduction: Upcycled Rubber Headband (that Stays Put!)

If you have ever fought to keep fabric headbands in place or gotten headaches from a plastic headband squeezing your head this is the project for you. Make use of discarded bicycle inner tubes or stop by a bike shop and ask for a couple of their discards (bike shop people are pretty cool and will gladly oblige). This headband is quick and easy to make and requires just a few things to create!



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    3 Discussions

    Great project! Never seen anything similar before, love it! Also many possibilities for different decorations, it seems I have to look for something else in the streets ( but asking a bike shop would make things easier...)
    Thanks for sharing :)

    What a great idea! I'm going to ask my local bike shop for a tube! Love that you can see the embossed numbers. Nice job!

    My headbands are always slipping off my head! This one looks fantastic; thanks for sharing :D