Picture of Upcycled Santa Hats
Instructables Santa Hat 022.jpg
Re-purpose those old sweaters & shirts to celebrate the holidays.
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Step 1: Materials & Pattern

Picture of Materials & Pattern
Instructables Santa Hat 002.jpg
Instructables Santa Hat 003.jpg
There's not much to the materials list. You'll need 1 sweater for each basic project, and any embellishments you want to add on.

Create the pattern using the dimensions shown on the grid. (The pattern turned out to be too big for the brim. Cut it down to 13 inches wide, then you can fit it from there. I included a metric conversion chart from my grid.)

Step 2: Mark the Pattern & Pin

Picture of Mark the Pattern & Pin
Instructables Santa Hat 005.jpg
Usually, you cut the material and then sew it, but after making th owl, I thought I would try sewing the edges, and then cutting it out. The material is very soft and stretches easily. Having it in tact to begin with really helps.

You can see that the sweater was too small for the entire pattern; use part of the arm, then sew it to the top of the hat. (turn the arm inside-out before you start.)

Turn the material inside out, then draw a line around the pattern.

If you are using a non-stretch material, or one that has a tight weave, you should be able to cut and then sew.

Step 3: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
Instructables Santa Hat 009.jpg
Instructables Santa Hat 010.jpg
Sew along the line of the pattern.

Turn the arm inside out, cut into a tall triangle, then sew to the top of the hat.

Cut the brim off.

Turn the bulk of the hat right-side out, but leave the brim inside-out.

Sew the brim to the bottom of the hat. The wrong side of the hat should be facing the right side of the brim.

Step 4: Add the Embellishments

Picture of Add the Embellishments
Hand sew on the yarn ball and you're done.

really great tutorial , love it and now i am off to make these hats for my kids they all want them with really long tails , go figure but i also have a use for those ugly sweaters i hate and have jsut taking up space in my closet ,
Very Interesting (author)  mypinkrainbow4 years ago
Great! They're so easy to make.
Would have been the best hat to wear! <3
pie popper5 years ago
on the first picture, that sweater, i used to have!!!
Very Interesting (author)  pie popper5 years ago
I wore it today. It was very soft, and very warm.
i might make one, but i think i gave the sweater away. :'(
Goodhart5 years ago
Very nice use of worn out or no longer used clothing articles.
Very Interesting (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Thanks :)
I suppose it would be pretty easy to adapt to a "regular" hat, that is one that was not so seasonal....just for shielding against the cold, eh?