I made this dress by taking all of my old t-shirts and cutting off the bottoms of the shirt. I then sewed all of the t-shirt parts together until it was long enough to be a dress. I made this for my sister and she is so happy with it! The t shirts should be bigger as they go down and the first part of the dress should be a camisole so that the straps of the dress are already made. If anybody has more questions about how to make the dress feel free to ask!
I am going to look for clearance cammies at Target and do this for my granddaughter. She loves bold.
Combination of colours, length of each piece and of course the idea, all are absolutely wonderful!!
I love this! Thanks for sharing. <br />Sunshiine
Thank you!
Your welcome! I like the colors.
Great job! You're amazing! very talented!
Thank you!

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