Step 7: Style!

Show off your new glasses. They look a bit steam/cyber punk, and can be worn comfortably.

Any questions?
why not use hot glue to hold down all edges?
You could, but the screws are tougher and produce and overall cleaner project, with the bonus that if I ever want to disassemble the glasses, I can do so with minimal effort <br>
Aren't those suppose to correct vision also?
That would be 'pinhole glasses.' According to eye doctors, they don't improve you vision at all. Then again, they don't get paid for saying, &quot;Yep, you can fix your vision for only a few bucks!&quot;
No, the eyepatch lenses are just to limit light from getting to eyes that might be light sensitive after surgery.
those look pretty menacing.......good job :)
Very clever! thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine
Yes. I have a question. How well do they work?
Well, it's hard to describe... I wore them outside around noon and it definitely reduced the glare on things. They aren't the same as normal sunglasses, but they definitely reduce glare. The purpose of the mesh in the eye patch is to soften the effects of light on sensitive eyes after surgery. Heck, If I run into you at the next Maker Faire you can check them out in person.

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