Step 11: Your finished boots!

Picture of Your finished boots!
Ta da! Awesome sweater boots from a lame old sweater and some cheap flats.  If you want a slightly more detailed tutorial or want to know how to machine embroider on knit, you can see the full thing here.  I hope you enjoy your new boots!
I wish I knew how to sew. o__o These are... epic. LOL
LelouchZero4 years ago
Seriously awesome.
desya4 years ago
hey I bet you could do that with a shoe that has a small heel too
kolleenk4 years ago
these are great
sgtroest5 years ago
Wow your boots are so fly.  What kind of machine do you have?  It looks like the design is fairly large and really neat looking.  Just curious...
UrbanThreads (author)  sgtroest5 years ago
I usually use a little futura, but I ran out of time trying to get this tutorial out on time, so I used one of our industrial machines. You can get the design here... it fits most hoops, even my little futura...
do you mean an industrial embroidery machine or just a regular sewing machine for the design?
nenochan5 years ago
wow cool! very creative
jo-star5 years ago
awesome idea and very simple to execute...thanks...
BECKBERRY5 years ago
I wonder if it would work with pants?
clhursh5 years ago
I really like this idea; I'm totally going to make some. Did you avoid using a sweater that had cuffs like those on hoodies? Would this idea work with those?
KingJaymz5 years ago
 Those are so cute! I want to make a few pairs of these for my wife. Awesome idea. And it's even simple enough for a sewing novice.
Wow, these a too cool. I can't wait to try this out. Thank you!