Picture of Upcycled Sweater Scarf with Pockets
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These are a great way to use old sweaters or revitalize an old scarf by adding pockets to the end. The pockets are great for holding keys, cell phones or just keeping your hands warm.

1 old suit jacket
lining fabric (I used fleece)
sewing machine

Use either coordinating sweaters or an old scarf. Cut off the ends of the jacket sleeves, mine average a finished length of around 9 inches. Cut them a little longer than you want so you can fold them down making a finished edge.

Step 1: Sewing the Scarf

Picture of Sewing the Scarf
The finished scarf will be a tube so cut them twice the width of the sleeve you will be adjoining it to.
I try not to have a seam at the back of the neck (it tends to be a little bulky) so I have one length that goes around the neck and patchwork it down the sides.
Once you have the scarf the length you want, fold it lengthwise and sew a seam the long way making the tubel
foobear1 year ago

Love the idea of chopping up the old clothes for these. Cool

Cheriamour1 year ago
Truly fabulous and creative!! I'll be sure to post pics when I do this!
I love this scarf !! Can't wait to try it...Awesome job!!
jputnam2 (author)  wicked jypsi1 year ago
Thanks, I love mixing up sweater combinations. You should post a picture when you're done, I love seeing what people do!