Picture of Upcycled Vintage Lace Shirt Collar Necklace
Lace Collar Tutorial 001.JPG
I found a fantastic royal purple long vintage skirt with a beautiful embroidered lacy bottom recently, and I just love it because it works as a skirt or a strapless dress. It came with a very unflattering shirt, which I was about to drop off at the thrift store when inspiration struck.

I love the way the industrial look of the eyelets and chain contrasts sharply with the ultra-feminine purple lacy collar, and the necklace is really versatile because it works as a collarbone length necklace or as a choker.


  • vintage or unwanted shirt with lace or embroidered collar
  • chain or ribbon
  • 2 large eyelets
  • large eyelet tool
  • jump ring and clasp
  • needle-nosed pliers
  • hammer
  • scissors

Full tutorial can be found at How To-sdays at Shrimp Salad Circus!
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Step 1: Cut out Your Lace

Picture of Cut out Your Lace
1. Begin by cutting the usable portion of the collar away from the rest of the shirt. Take care to cut around the edge of the embroidered portion so that you don't accidentally nick any threads and cause unraveling.

Step 2: Adjust as Necessary

Picture of Adjust as Necessary
2. The result should look something like this. It may take a bit of trial and error to determine how long you'd like it to be, but it's always better to start with the whole collar. I ended up trimming and inch off each side so that it hits just at the edges of my neck. Hold it up to yourself in front of a mirror to see what works best.

Step 3: Cut Holes for Eyelets

Picture of Cut Holes for Eyelets
3. Trace the outline of the eyelet's center onto the edge of the collar using a pencil or marker, and cut a hole large enough for the eyelet to poke through.

Step 4: Cut Backing for Eyelets

Picture of Cut Backing for Eyelets
4. Cut four to six more eyelet-sized pieces of fabric from the side or bottom of the shirt. This is to give the collar a bit of extra durability for the eyelet to grab onto, so you can use less fabric layers for heavier fabric and more for lighter. I used two. Cut a hole in the centers the same way you did for the collar itself.

Step 5: Poke Eyelets through Holes

Picture of Poke Eyelets through Holes
5. Poke the front of the eyelet through the hole in the front of the collar. Layer the fabric pieces over the collar.
absolutely stunning!
nice touch with the ribbons :D
beckymcmath4 years ago
Sooo cute! I cannot wait to try it. I was looking for an i-ble on a beaded bib necklace (since I have a bunch of random beads) but this one will be a good first try!
BECKBERRY5 years ago
I wonder if it would look good with my new upcycled sweater shoes?!
canida5 years ago
This is sweet! Love the grommeted look.
gomsmo5 years ago
What a very cool idea!
i love it! thanks so much!
A-W-E-S-O-M-E I loved it!
melibusla5 years ago
What a great idea!