Upcycled Warrior Costume


Introduction: Upcycled Warrior Costume

About: I have swam many many lengths in my life as a national swimmer and then went into coaching - lifeguarding you know the drill. When my grandfather died - he left behind a gift - I have been creating and tryi...

I actually love this piece because it literally is 100% garbage, it's from many baskets that were being thrown out. I know instructables is for giving breakdown of everything, however this piece is designed to find something in your house (without hoarding) and make a difference in this environment. Check out my facebook page, discarded couture.



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    I'd really like a directional tutorial of this. What materials are these exactly? Is the base knit or is it even yarn? I love the feathers and the leather-strips, clever use of macrame-beaded strings and birch-bark. And how does it look when it's on a human? :)

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    It is hard to give tutorial, because I really get it from the dump. So I piece it as I go. So I will take it apart, and make another one, step by step,
    Take care, Jen

    Thanks for your comments. I know I have to better step by step. Next time for sure. Check out my facebook page discarded couture. Would love your opinion. I have thinking of going into costume design. What do you think