Upcycled Wood Bench





Introduction: Upcycled Wood Bench

Had some old scrap wood in the garage. Decided to make a bench for my bedroom.

Step 1: Safety First

First you're going to need safety equipment: Gloves, Dust mask, Safety glasses, ear protection.

Step 2: Table Saw and Trimming

I used old tongue and groove redwood from a wall that had been removed years ago. I used the table saw to trim off the sides of the tongue and groove to make straight boards for the top. Dont mind my trusting assistant hiding under the table. Koa felt the need to find his own safety from the loud scary machine.

Step 3: Cut the Legs and Build the Frame

sorry not a great photo. I used some pine wood that i also had to build the frame and found 2 old 4x4s I cut in half to make the legs.

Step 4: Assembling

I fastened the frame together with wood screws that I have. * a little back story, my father in law on the hardware store when it closed in 1980 he took everything that didn't sell and brought it home so I have a plethora of assorted screws nuts bolts etc to choose from, the same with the wood that's in our garage* i attached the middle supports to the rectangle frame and attached the legs with screws as well.

Step 5: The Top.

Those redwood planks I made? well that was for the top that I nail gunned down. I sanded EVERYTHING. It took FOREVER! !I really hate sanding but it's the price you pay when you're upcycling.

Step 6: Stain

after sanding, i bought some minwax stain....something dark enough to hide the treated wood legs green coloring. Because I live in Hawaii, we get alot of sun, so after 2 coats of stain i let it dry and "bake" in the sun. it got pretty dark! we loved it!

Step 7: Placement

The final resting spot for my bench. I'm super impressed with it. And believe it or not, I barely passed high school let alone woodshop lol

Step 8:



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    The bench is very nice, great job! BUT I LOVE the quilt you have on your bed!!!

    Thank you. It was a gift from my best friend. She moved away from Hawaii and thought it would go well with her decor in Texas. She surprised me and sent it back to Hawaii to me! I love it, those are handmade quilt and shams... very expensive to buy.


    Thanks for sharing :-)

    :) my pleasure!

    Good job. It looks much at home in its spot.

    Well done, great use of old materials. Looks beautiful next to the bed.

    Thank you. my room is a mash up of different wood colors so it help to tie everything together.

    Que bonito! Muito útil e decorativo.

    Very useful and decorative!