Turn this cool looking toilet plunger into a modern looking lamp.

Step 1: Whats Needed!

You will need a toilet plunger, this one also twists open.
Lamp cord, lamp socket, and a zip tie (not in the picture) and a dremel with a small drill bit attached. A 9 watt CFL light bulb.
haha this is hilarious!&nbsp; I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;would LOL if I&nbsp;actually saw it hanging up in someone's house :-)<br />
was that my house?
a person goes to this house turns on the light........ 2 mins later hey do you smell something? hmm yeah i do smell something!!!! you farted didn't you.... no but that light you turned has a lamp shade that was made from a toilet plunger must have missed a spot.....LOL <br>Cool idea, i think this will make a nice gag gift for mum. &quot;after all its mothers day and she did want a new lamp&quot;.
Is that a toilet plunger or an airzooka?
Love that you are thinking outside of the box! It's very creative, and I think it looks really neat-o! :0)
nuclear poop
Do you live in a fraternity house? I can't wait to hang mine.
So romantic!
This is a good and easy &quot;I made it&quot; project. Ty Pennington would approve. I'm currently working on his salad bowl sinks.
Dude this is too clever! I like the tabletop version as well<br />
Lol, awesome!
wire a farting sound when you turn it on or off
Check out this tabletop version, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/04/08/ordinary-plunger-transformed-into-a-lamp/">http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/04/08/ordinary-plunger-transformed-into-a-lamp/</a><br/>
awesome! now I can see and clear clogs at the same time!
Actually, this design of plunger blows the doors off the traditional rubber plungers in terms of functionality...the only drawback is that they have all those lovely "ripples" which tend to trap...er...well...I'm sure you get the idea. Which is why I'd tend to agree with those who might thing that making a lamp from a recycled one wouldn't be for the squeamish.
A bleach and/or ammonia mixture would do the trick for super cleaning? But the thought of poop is still there... thoughts are kinda hard to wash away.
Definitely NOT and/or on the bleach/ammonia thing. Either one or the other, and probably the bleach would be best. If you mix bleach and ammonia, you get lots of lovely chlorine gas. Bad idea.
Eww yeah, definitely bad. Forgot about that. It heats up too I think.
that is the best recycling project EVER!!!....
...ummm I think these were NEW plungers... I'd hate to have to use Recycled ones >.<
OOOOO......I didn't think about that part......very good point....look for one at a dollar store......
This is one I got from a thrift store. Still had the label on and so white!
HOLY CRAP.... that's so ridiculously awesome...
Would be a little odd when someone realizes what it is up close. from a distance it looks like it could be a paper lantern.
put it in the bathroom, problem solved.
I've never seen something like that used as a plunger, and I don't think I ever want to...
See, this is why I use the traditional rubber-plungers. So no one goes -What plunger, all I see is a wierd design artefact. Nice Ible.

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