This is my first instructable.  I have been building with pallets for about five years, enjoying their low cost, versatility and cool weathered/industrial look.

I have decided to turn a few of my projects into instructables - apologies if there is a lack of pictures - but most of the projects I'm sure have been covered before one way or another - hopefully these can help people to design their own upcycled creations.

This is a three piece set I built last year of a reclining chair/ottoman, a four seater outdoor bench and an 8 seater outdoor table - complete with herb garden insert (you could replace this with an ice chest or condiment holder or anything you wanted.

Please check www.craterobber.tumblr.com for lots of the things I have made.


Step 1: Materials

Pallet wood - easy to come by - my preferred method is to pry a gap between the top boards and the rest of the pallet with a chisel or pry bar and then cut the boards free with a sawzall (reciprocating saw).  This leaves the nail heads in which looks good - or you can pull the nails once the boards are free and re-use the holes.

For this project I used a drill and driver, skill saw, recip saw, pry bar and some good quality self-tapping screws.

To make the frame I also got some left over 2x4 and other off-cuts - this meant the size of the table was limited to my longest offcuts.
<p>Great use of recycling</p>
<p>This might be a great idea for the tire chairs to add some additional design<br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Tire-To-Round-Sofa-Chair/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Tire-To-Round-Sofa...</a></p>
As a final decorative step on the chair, something that popped into my head was how great the tire would look wrapped with sisal rope. Either way the entire set rocks. Add a washing machine drum fire pit, encase a mini fridge in a pallet board façade, and your outdoor summer kitchen/entertainment room is complete. Great job!
<p>Love it!</p>
Love the idea my area has lots of pallets. Any idea how many are needed for each project?
<p>Hi, I used about 20 pallets total as I try to only use pallets that are already broken or have some slats missing. You could size down the table / bench depending on how many you have at hand. Cheers</p>
<p>Thank you for the great ideas. My friends think I'm nuts for bringing good pallets home. I've used them for flooring in a temporary storage shelter (dirt floor), and as bases to keep plants off the ground. My next project is to get a bunch of them and make a makeshift fenced area for my dogs, so I can let them out all at once, rather than one at a time on a chain. Only one dog is mine. One is my sons and the last is one I'm long term dog-sitting. I love the picnic table one.</p>
i love the idea of taking something that others consider a throw a way and making it into something new. this is just awesome.
Very nicely done. Pallet stuff really rocks :)
just beautiful
I like the table &amp; bench they look great &amp; the construction is be simple enough for almost anyone to recreate with readily available hand tools. <br>It's always good to see people making use of timber that otherwise may end up in landfill. <br>

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