Pallet Succulent Side Table





Introduction: Pallet Succulent Side Table

I somehow stumbled upon the idea for this project at <>.  Their result looked awesome, it didn't seem too difficult so I figured to give it a shot.  

I found the pallets on the street, took them apart to build the top.  As the wood was warped and cut in slightly different widths/depths it actually made the craftsmanship (or lack there of) significantly easier... things didn't have to be (couldn't be) exactly square, flush... and I think the end result actually looks better because of these imperfections.  

I made the table top in two parts-- the frame with the two outer most slats and then the middle section with the garden bed.  I reused the nails from the pallet in non-load baring areas and then used maybe $4 worth of screws.  

The legs were another street find (took them off an abandoned broken table), their pant is starting to flake off, but I couldn't be bothered to sand them down so I just decided to embrace them for what they are.  I think it looks pretty cool.  

I sanded it down to a certain extent but not enough to lose its "character", threw on some stain I had laying around, a couple layers of polyurethane and a trip to the local garden store later... voila.



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    Love it! Are these plants that just need a mist?

    looks great


    ooh boy! You did a great job! I'd love to do this with cat grass growing out for my cats to nibble at. Brilliant, thank you for sharing.

    what do you do about the water drainage?

    looks great this will also be added to my "to make" list. thanks for sharing.

    I think I might do this to my pub table, but instead of doing the full length, I'll just do a center piece! Great table btw!

    It's Minwax Red Mahogany-- applied with a rag and quickly wiped off. I also had some Red Chestnut and English Chestnut kicking around that I tested on the underside... The Red Chestnut looked really nice as well- a bit lighter and more red (sort of like the front right corner). The English was darker and more brown (sort of like the front left). The Red Mahogany was a nice mix. I feel like the nature of pallet wood lends itself to uneven staining so just know that some areas are going to be lighter/darker than you were possibly going for.

    What is the color of that stain? I'd like to get near the same kind.

    Beautiful work!

    That Is Very Nicely Done, Putting That On My Making List. Thumbs Up

    This caught my eye instantly. Great work.

    That is gorgeous! Love the color of the stain.