Upcycled Sweater Into Simple Toddlers Skirt




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Introduction: Upcycled Sweater Into Simple Toddlers Skirt

I usually pick up wool sweaters and turn them into longies for cloth diapers, leggings, etc... My mother happened across a lovely shade of orange and picked it up for me. Since the sweater was already an extra small, it wasn't going to work for for longsies. I decided to make a simple and easy skirt for me 3yr.old. Only problem is, I love it so much... I wish it was big enough for me 

Find yourself a wool sweater and wash on the hotest cycle possible. Dry on the hottest setting. This is fulling or felting the sweater. - Remember, the sweater will shrink ALOT so try and keep that in mind while looking at sizes(Xsm,Sm,Med,large,Xlg)



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    What are Longies / longsies? kinda lost me there. But good job!
    Not much beats reusing a charming piece of clothing.

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    Wool Longies are pants normally worn over cloth diapers. You can soak them in lanolin to make them waterproof. You can make you own longies from the sleeves of wool sweaters.