Picture of Upcycled window frame scarf organizer
So, you have an old window and you don't know what to do with it, but you want to do something crafty? Well friends, I have a solution for you - the upcycled window frame scarf, bag, and accessory display! Read on if you want to go from having an old window pane to a stylish and visually appealing scarf storage system.
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Step 1: Find an old window

Picture of Find an old window
First, you have to acquire an old window. This part was easy for me, as I discovered this one in the alley behind my apartment. This window has a wood frame and one of the 3 panes of glass was partially broken. One side looked like it was dark stained wood, but the other side was painted white. Why, you ask, would somebody abandon a perfectly good, 2/3 functional window?? I don't know!!

Step 2: Remove the glass pane...

Picture of Remove the glass pane...
I tried to remove the glass by meticulously chipping away at the putty that kept the pane in the frame. However, this took FOREVER and I got really impatient. 

Step 3: ... by breaking it!

Picture of ... by breaking it!
I then gently tapped the glass with the handle of a putty knife until it broke out of the frame. Remember y'all, don't do this part without proper safety/eye protective gear, shoes, parental supervision, et cetera. The glass broke into large pieces that, when put in a paper bag and thrown in the dumpster, were relatively easy to dispose of. If you want to preserve the glass for some reason (other project or whatever else), you could use the method where you chip away at the putty with a putty knife or something with a slight wedge or taper to it. Watch out for the edges of the glass though, whatever method you use to remove it, and don't cut yourself!
omnibot3 years ago
That's is beutiful.
I think the putty dissolves in vinegar so perhaps that could soften it up for anyone who wants to save the glass.
suzelac (author)  omnibot3 years ago
Oh cool! Thanks for sharing! Next time...