Upcycling- Little Green Man Reborn From Capsule





Introduction: Upcycling- Little Green Man Reborn From Capsule

Something can be rubbish after using while something can be transformed to things you can still treasure!

Let's make use of the capsule from vendind capsule machine to create little green man containers/decoration!

Step 1: Make Use of the Rubbish!

1) Remain capsules after taking out toys inside.

Step 2: How to Make Eyes?

Use nail hole machine to make 3 white circles for 1 little green man~

You can also use the white area of cardboard from packaging.

Then draw black dot inside it. ( You can also adjust the dot's position to make them look to other way .)

Use adhesive to stick onto right position.

Step 3: How to Make the Aerial?

Cut the toothpicks into 1.5 cm and paint it to green color.

Roll a piece of  tissue paper into sphere shape and also paint with green signpen.

Stick it together onto the middle of little green man's head with adhesive.

Step 4: Little Green Men Are Ready to Goooooo~

Now little green man was born!
You can now put coins or small accessories inside and place it on your bookshelf~
[Tip: put something relatively heavy inside can make it more stable instead of rolling away easily.]



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    they look like the aliens from toy story :D

    yes ~ they are ~
    I love them!:D so i create them by myself~