Upcycling: T-Shirt 2 Yarn





Introduction: Upcycling: T-Shirt 2 Yarn

Do you have old t-shirts? Than you can upcylce them to yarn, that you can use to knit a carpet, a bag or a drip mat...

Step 1: Step 1: Take Old T-shirts

Choose old t-shirts, that match. T-shirts with no joints are nicer than those with ones.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the T-shirts

Take scissors and cut the t-shirts into 1-3 cm broad stripes. Start at the bottom and than work yourself up until you reach the sleeves. Work in circles so that you get one long stripe of cloth.

Step 3: Step 3: Stretch the Strips

To get real yarn, that you can easily work with, stretch the strip before you coil it into a ball. As the image shows, the cloth will roll up a little bit and form a nice round strip of yarn.



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    Hi Anne, I hope the number are the same as in your country: I'd recommend # 9 or 10... Or else you can also try to use your fingers :-)

    That number, at least in Europe is the hooks diameter (or knitting needle!) in millimeters! :D Easy..

    How bad does this drop lint? I'm imagining after a few washes the majority of your shirt will be found in the lint trap.

    can you show us what you make

    show us pictures of what you have made please!!

    Nice idea. What sort of items have you crocheted with this yarn?

    You can weave with it too! Get some carpet warp and get creative!