In this Instructable I'm just going to show how a little imagination and some "scrap" material can be turned into something useful.

Some time ago a friend gave me some wood flooring samples (because I asked her - thanks, Mindy) that included Maple, Oak, Russian Alder and Walnut. Literally hundreds of pieces headed for the trash. The flooring store has to replace these samples as fashion changes or, after a couple of years, as the manufacturing process makes the colors slightly different. They just throw the old samples away.

I thought there must be some way to use these samples and prevent them from being dumped in the landfill.

This Christmas, one of my daughters sent me a present of wood carving chisels. IDEA! why not make myself a Carver's Mallet?

The first picture is the mallet I made along with a couple of the chisels. The second picture is some of the flooring samples Mindy gave me.

Materials Used:

  1. Flooring Samples (all maple in this case)
  2. Mineral Spirits
  3. Glue
  4. Boiled Linseed Oil

Tools Used:

  1. Scraper
  2. Various measuring tools
  3. Saw (I used a bandsaw)
  4. Clamps
  5. Lathe

Let's get started!

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

First I scraped off the labels on the samples using Mineral Spirits and the Scraper. This worked pretty well and they only needed to be wiped down afterwards with a cotton rag.

<p>That's a great way to reuse them :)</p>
I love re/up-cycling. Working on a project to make some Christmas ornaments out of the flooring samples. Thanks for your comment.

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