Upcycling Worn Out Phillips Head Screwdrivers




Introduction: Upcycling Worn Out Phillips Head Screwdrivers

If you have an old useless phillips head screwdriver collecting dust in your toolbox, here is an upcycling idea for you. In this Instructable im turning one phillips head in to a center punch and another in to a flathead screwdriver.

If you have another repurpose idea for old screwdrivers please leave a comment.

Step 1: Loot Your Toolbox

Before we begin you will need to find a worn out phillips head screwdriver. If you cant find one in your own toolbox then ask a friend.

Step 2: Shape the Tip

This is pretty self explanatory. All you need to do is grind the tip in to whatever shape your after.

To make a center punch in pretty much just rotating the screwdriver until i get a sharp point. To make a flathead you need to grind 2 sides only and then level out the tip a bit.

Personally i used a bench grinder but you could also do the shaping with an angle grinder or by hand with a file.

Step 3: Put Your New Tools Back in the Toolbox

Once your done just put your new tools to good use and put them back in your toolbox.



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