Picture of Upcycling a Thrifted Dress
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Step 1:

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I marked the dress 22 inches above the hem.

Step 2:

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In addition to removing the top portion of the dress, I removed the buttons and those weird tie thingies in the back. (I actually sewed them together and used them for my waist band).

Step 3:

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I gathered the dress, attached the waistband, created a back seam, and added a zipper.

Step 4:

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I used some of the leftover fabric to create pockets.

Step 5:

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I paired my new skirt with a top I thrifted from the Goodwill for $4.00...

Step 6:

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and these pearl and gold earrings.. of course I made them!

natsconfessions (author) 15 days ago
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you liked this project!
Mielameri3 months ago
Final picture: soooo cute! Thanks for the inspiring ible :)!
applegir13 months ago

Lovely! Great job! I am into upcycling too ")

applegir13 months ago

Lovely! Great job! I am into upcycling too ")

Wroger-Wroger3 months ago

Yeah thrift shopping is ultra cool.

However, because big men's clothes are hard to get, men tend to wear them until they are fluff and fibre and so you never get anything to fit the big guys at the thrift shop...

Enjoy it though, because there is some nice stufff about.

tofu9113 months ago
Cute! I like to upcycle clothes too.
watchmeflyy3 months ago

Looks stylish!

love this. I like to re-purpose things from the thrift stores also. some of my favorite clothes are re-done from the thrift store or from yard sales. I don't look at something and wonder if it will fit, I look at it and ask what can I make with this?

audreyobscura3 months ago

This is really clever! So cute, and simple. Sometimes my favorite Instructables are the simplest.