Introduction: Using a Sickle to Cut Grass. Upcycling the Neighbour's Lawn. Revaloriser La Pelouse Du Voisin. Reciclaje El Césped Del Vecino in HD

A simple homesteading tip and review of old tools and gadgets. We've no lawn to cut but our neighbour has and this early in the season it's growing well and will make great hay. We can dry it in the 5 Euro Green House: and also use the long grass to free-range our quail:

Tondre la pelouse voisine au début de la saison, c'est le moment pour faire du foin. Nous pouvons le sécher au 5 Euro Green House: et aider les cailles aussi:

Siega cerca del comienzo de la temporada, es hora de hacer heno. Podemos el secar en el Green House Euro 5:  y ayude a las codornices aprenden a encontrar comida:


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