Here is the second update of this ball machine. Do not expect another update until December.
Great job.
no prob
you gonna make another ible
a g11, its going great!
sounds cool!
no prob.
:) cheese! <br>
LOL <br>
=D ur like 70th on the leaderboards, did ya know that?
LOL im like 500th
can't see myself!
lol, go into friends and the all time leaderboard
i haven't been playing this that much anymore because i got the throw-up bug and now i must rest. but... maybe i can rest and play Call of Duty Black Ops.
stunk it up
did bad on game
ok, i nearly got hardline pro and sleight of hand pro in one game. 50-5 overall score, playin against complete NOOOOOOBS! =D
I beat WaW and I wanted to play zombies but i accidently quit an dmy whole CAMPAIGN restarted ecause of my friend. That JERK.
lol, theres no zombies on WAW
yea there is, when you beat campaign there is a zombie level. if u beat that u unlock zombies. <br>
no theres not, i completed the campaign and theres no zombies.
I don't have an xbox or ps3 so no call of duty. I only play it at my friends house. But its still fun to read the conversation, btw soon it'll end up looking like this...<br><br>Hello,<br>How<br>Are<br>You<br>:-)
lol, i use the wii, well used to after deleting my accounts on BO and COD4 and Waw
Oh I have a wii but instead of black ops I play goldeneye online. Lots of fun but only 8 people per match, only in my opinion I find goldeneye more fun because James bond and danial Craig are badass!
Now what? And have I subscribed to you yet?
i think you did lol
You know, this is all spam and it's great! :) yay spam!
lol XD
Like I said, soon it will be one word per line.
lol true.
I don't think the comment bar can get much shorter. Lol :-D
i tought a ball machine
i broke it for a g11

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