Picture of Update a chandelier
I refuse to hang some boring old globe fixture in any room of my house. We've thrifted and salvaged the coolest (I think) collection of chandeliers and light fixtures around. Here is a dead simple re-do of a dated 80's dangler.
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Step 1: Find a fixture you like.

Picture of Find a fixture you like.
I found this one second hand for $5. It was a little dated looking in brass, but I thought it had good bones and didn't have too much fuss going on. I picked out my $6 spray paint in a vintage colour and took the glass shades off, gave them a scrub and set them aside.

Step 2: Paint away!

Picture of Paint away!
Paint the fixture. I painted the chain and cord and everything. I was pretty careful not to get any on the porcelain part that the bulb screws into, but if you were really fastidious you could tape it off. I used a light touch painting the screws that hold the shades in place, I didn't want the threads to be clogged with paint.

Step 3: Hang your 'new' fixture!

Picture of Hang your 'new' fixture!
I was going to embellish with crystals and danglers and some little feathered birds from the craft store, but was so chuffed with how it looked that I called it done. I thought it looked pretty vintage and went well with my old hanky collection hanging in my sewing room.

Flip your breaker and take down your old fixture, replacing it with your swanky new chandy. Stand back and admire your handiwork for this simple, quick fix that cost you next to nothing.

avaistheone6 years ago
Is this a spray enamel or acrylic paint? Or do you need a spray paint especially for metals?
jessandstavro (author)  avaistheone6 years ago
It's enamel. I've never had luck with acrylic spray paint on metal.
Waffenzug6 years ago
It's very nice but I am most impressed at your use of the words "chuffed" and "chandy". What's the impact, if any, of spraying in the out of doors in the cold? I have a spraybomb that says not to use it in temps below 5C.
jessandstavro (author)  Waffenzug6 years ago
Spray outside and bring inside to dry.