Step 6: Construction - Part 3

Picture of Construction - Part 3
Heat up your glue gun while you prep. I first glued together the two bottom pieces. Do a simple water test to make sure you don't have any leaks. Then, the cap was glued on, followed by the flowers. I had to disassemble the flowers a bit (see pic) until they were petals. Then, I cut bigger holes out of the existing ones just to be sure they didn't overlap the hole.

After these the flowers, you're finished the base.
miezimau7 years ago
I tried it, but for some reason when I used the hot glue gun it melted the bottle? :(
technick29 (author)  miezimau7 years ago
Are you using an industrial glue gun? Some glue guns reach very high temperatures. This glue gun is similar to one from the dollar store, and doesn't get hot enough to melt through plastic.
The one I was using was a very cheap one I had buoght at Walmart.