Introduction: Updated Budget Friendly Bobcat 2.0 With Fpv

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I'm not gonna post steps in this Instructables, because I've just actually updated my previous bobcat to be stronger and a little my stable. I ask that you look at my previous bobcat before reading this one.

Step 1: Battery Pack

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Ok so the first thing I did to improve the bobcat was relocate the batteries. I took them from the middle of the cat to the rear, doing this gave me much more room for improvements plus adds stability when I have a bucket full of dirt. I added foam wedges to keep the batteries secure.

Step 2: Different Motor Placement

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On the previous cat I mounted the motors on the inside. Doing this made limited space for my motor drivers and wires. I also got some motor mounts and motors from Very inexpensive and a pretty cool sight. Arranging my motors this way allowed more clearance for the cat and also allowed me to use smaller wheels, which in turns provides more torque to the wheels. My motor have a 99:1 gear ratio, it has a moderate speed with high torque.

Step 3: Actuator Placement

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These actuators are the most expensive part of the build at 90$ a piece. These two aviators are connected to it's own motor driver in parallel, they are 12 volt Actuonix actuators with a 256:1 gear ratio at, I placed them from the inside to the outside. Doing so gives me more free range and quicker fix capacity.

Step 4: Fpv System

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My Fpv system is a basic fat shark system. I purchased the basic one that came with everything about a year ago on, there are a lot of inexpensive systems out there that basic all work the same, research is key.


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Bio: Me and my daughter just tincker together, and figured we'd share them with a crowd that may enjoy them like instructables.
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