Updated DIY Air Freshener!!!Actually Works!!!!





Introduction: Updated DIY Air Freshener!!!Actually Works!!!!

Ok, I realise my previous febreeze mixture wasnt so good but this one, will smell even more fresh and wont give you headaches!

you will need:

a pot and a working stove

water (preferably deionized, BUT NOT NECESSARY)

some crappy vodka, if its not filtered, filter it with any filtering mechanism

cinnamon extract


apple juice, from the apple, left over night (to vaporize sugar)


!!!ginger extract!!!!

and fabric softener

Step 1: Time to Boil

fill up the pot with as much water as you want

place on stove-top

turn stove to medium heat

wait until it boils

Step 2: Add Scents

after the water is boiling, add vodka until the vapor starts smelling like vodka.

next, add your preferred scent, adding all three will make it smell spring-like, which is good. add slowly until you can smell it in the vapor.

lastly, add a small amount of fabric softener.

turn off stove and wait till it cools.

pour into bottle, and enjoy, freshness lovers.



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    Vodka is flammable, I believe? People with gas stoves should be very careful with vodka around open flame...

    The cheapest fastest easiest room freshener when you don't have Febreeze:


    Take one empty clean spray bottle, fill half full with hot water.
    Insert 2 or 3 fabric softener drier sheets.
    Put the pump cap on tight.
    Shake shake shake.
    Pump pump pump..

    Smells like the real febreeze.. Hey.. maybe it is!

    fabreeze/febreze contains Cyclodextrins to get rid of smells, please tell me how this accomplishes that...

    lol, its funny going back to this instructable, considering I made it 2 years ago. My science behind this was a bit skewed at the time- I didnt think things through all the way, nor did I understand what was going on. But it smelt nice. My shoes and couch were not so.....ugh....anymore. And while this instructables was made, that is all that mattered.

    what if i have no vodka but have scotch

    Drive to the liquor store, buy vodka. Drive home, use vodka to make spray while drinking the scotch.

    i seen something like this were they used vodka and cinnamon powder left it over night if im correct and used it as a gargle on mythbusters i would leave the thing u want the spray to smell like in the vodka over night and then add it to the water great instructable i hate having to pay alot to make my house smell nice

    Leaving apple juice out overnight will not vaporize any sugars.... A small amount of water will be lost, some bugs will probably find it, and that's pretty much it. I'd be afraid adding it to the mix could make my stuff sticky. Like the fabric softener idea tho, i can see that actualy working. I hate all fabric softener scents, unfortunately.

    if only some one was smart enough to actually make it unscented

    Nice, my room smells so i know what my weekend project is :D