I made my insets by knitting, however if you don't like to knit; this could easily be done with lace or any interesting fabric.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Any shirt that you don't mind cutting

Your inset supplies: you could use any lace or decorative fabric. For knitting my pattern you'll need:
less than one skein any medium weight yarn (I used two strands together for decorative effect; you could easily use just one)
knitting needles size 8 and 10  (I used circular because they were on hand-you can use reg needles) (you can also use just one size needle- as explained in pattern)


sewing machine and thread 
Very cute! I love that knit piece! Do you remember what sewing setting you used? That is a crazy stitch :)
Thanks!! -Sorry, I don't know what it's called...I just turn the dial on my machine.<br>It's a Brother and it has a lot of preset stitch options.

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