Picture of Updating firmware of samsung corby
This is the tutorial on updating the firmware of samsung corby to S3650XEIJ2....

LETS START.....!!!!

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Step 1:

Picture of
SAFETY FIRST- Make sure that u backup all your files, messages ,contacts, etc from your phone....

Download s3650xeij2 firmware from here- 
Download Multiloader v5.56 from here- 

Remove SIM CARD and MEMORY CARD from your mobile.....
Turn off your phone then Press Volume down button, camera button and end key at once.
Now this screen should come up :

Step 2:

Picture of
Now connect your phone to the pc in media player mode via usb cable and open the Multi Loader 5.56..
Multi Loader screen shot :

Step 3:

Now extract the downloaded firmware to any folder.......
And open Multiloader v5.56....

 1)  Put a tic on 'full download'.. leave others alone
 2)  For BOOT choose "boot files" folder from the extracted S3650XEIJ2 Firmware

 3)  For AMSS select apps_compressed.bin

 4)  For Rsrc1 select Rsrc_S3650_Open_Europe_Slav.rc1 (the name may vary but extension should be the same '.rc1' )

 5)  For Factory FS select FactoryFs_S3650_Open_Europe_Slav.ffs (the name may vary but the extension should be the same '.ffs')
 6)   Ignore 'FOTA' , 'Tune' and 'ETC'

 7)  Click Port Search and when found put a tick....

 8)  Then Click download and wait till it finishes..
       it will take 5 to 7 minutes and then unplug the usb cable  and turn on your new phone!!!!!

sir My is Samsung corby gt-s3653

hey my corby is not detected by the multiloder

please help at the quickest

why F.F.S. is saying to my laptop unexpected achive when i copy the files me

sir I have this moile , and it has got infected by ting it shows one differvirus so not starting only after starent type of screen and halt , so how I will put this phone into media player mode ?

hbasri27 months ago

sir. serial port error! and my phone can't open no sign it boot up. please help.

hhossain10 months ago
sir i have 1 phone i select all file but not connect usb plz help me any master
faizans97737 (author)  hhossain10 months ago
connect your phone in media storage mode
kalpak211 months ago
I am having a Samsung corby
I had updated its to S3650XEIJ2
After that I downloaded and installed the lastest coby firmware
Now I again want to install S3650XEIJ2 this firmware but my phone is not getting detected by the multiloader.please help
smanikanta kalpak211 months ago
install samsung kies.....the multi loader detect ur mobile...
faizans97737 (author)  kalpak211 months ago
try connecting phone in media player mode
smanikanta11 months ago
install samsung kies.....the multi loader detect ur mobile...
rishabh_garg11 months ago
when i click on download button then it is saying
Warring : Security fail!!
nfencer1 year ago
hey boss pls help me pls ...pls...pls...pls
sry not step 5.....chck the 4th part of step 2 ( For Rsrc2 select Rsrc2_S3650(Mid)_SER.rc2)
Hello nfencer,
actually faizans97737 has been missed the 5th step in which u will upload the file name of ( For Rsrc2 select Rsrc2_S3650(Mid)_SER.rc2)
rrivera191 year ago
hellow how its sure working for s3653w. what happen if failed to installed
faizans97737 (author)  rrivera191 year ago
it will update your mobile's firmware but your wifi will not work.......this is the only problem in wifi models
faizans97737 (author) 1 year ago
you must clear ur phone memory..
Carol19951 year ago
In the multi loader after I clicked download, a dialog box appears saying ' Out of memory'.
What should I do now??
smallvile21 year ago
thanks for the information looks easy enough will try it tonight got a old corby just laying around but i do have just one question the firmware update is it for countries outside of europe also ?
faizans97737 (author)  smallvile21 year ago
I guess yes...
raizel20131 year ago
im done ectracing folders but when i clicking the port my phone doesn't appearing what will i do?
faizans97737 (author)  raizel20131 year ago
Connect your phone in media player mode..
im yours1 year ago
hey its not working in s3653 why???
faizans97737 (author)  im yours1 year ago
Tell me the exact problem...
hey its not working dude on s3653. why???
please tell me my name is saif
I`am is following you
tell me please
faizans97737 (author)  saiffragexecutor1 year ago
Try it once again..carefully completing each and every procedure.
If still it s not working then tell me.
I would like to help