Introduction: Updating Software on a Alto-Shaam CombiTouch

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Here we will show you how to update software. When going to a site with a combitouch oven always have the most current combitouch software with you on a USB thumb drive.  This way you can update the customers oven if it doesn't have the most current software.

Here is a link to download the most current software:

Step 1:

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Access Main Menu Screen. Touch the icon with the orange gears.

Step 2:

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Press the green arrow in the bottom right corner to go to the second settings screen.

Step 3:

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Locate USB port on the left side of the front panel.  You may have units that have two ports, it does not matter which port.  Remove cap and insert USB thumb drive.

Step 4:

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After the USB thumb drive has been inserted touch the icon of the oven with the arrow going around it.  Instantly after you should see the loading screen.

Step 5:

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As the software is loading the screen will turn off momentarily, then come back on and start loading.  During this time do not press the on/off buttons or the screen.

Step 6:

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Once the control is done loading the recipe menu screen will come up.  After a few moments, an image with a check mark will pop up indicating the software update is complete.  Simply touch the green check mark in the bottom right corner and then touch the red arrow in the bottom left corner. 

Step 7:

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Now you want to verify the software has been accepted.  Touch the icon with the wrench and screwdriver.  The software version is located in the top left corner. (RB = Relay Board / DB = Display Board)


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