Upgrade a Sleeping Bag





Introduction: Upgrade a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags with buckle straps are very useful for backpacking. They are also extremely easy to roll up and store. But if you are like me (cheap and handy) you don't want to purchase one if you already have a perfectly good sleeping bag without straps. So, we'll simply upgrade it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Sewing supplies and a sleeping bag, of course and buckle straps.

I always hated rolling up this sleeping bag because of the terrible elastic that it came with.

I had the straps on hand from when I took apart my old backpack. You can buy them for around 8 bucks online.

Step 2: Cut and Resew

First off, pop the threads on the old elastic, if equipped. Then, sew on the new buckles. Easy, easy. I will say, make sure you face the buckles the correct way when you stitch them on. That way when you pull the end of the strap, it tightens correctly.

Make sure that you stitch it well. You want it strong.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

After you have your straps sewn on, you can add a couple of key rings to the end of the straps. This will allow you to clip the whole thing to your hiking gear, or motorcycle, or bicycle.

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Nice tips for tidying up your sleeping bag. Thanks for sharing this!

And hey, I love Riscky's BBQ in old FW!

I'm glad you liked it and yes, Riscky's is delicious!