Picture of Upgrade Nerf Nite Finder to use LASER
The nerf nite finder is pretty good - its easily moddable, and relatively cheap.  However the targetting light is... pathetic?  Anemic?  Useless?

So I found a cheap laser module and here's how it fits...
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Step 1: Get the parts

Picture of Get the parts
You'll require a nerf gun to modify, and a laser module to install.  I got my laser from
Its a 3 volt module, so I could reuse the pair of AA batteries already in the toy.

DX also has laser modules with a cross shape, and a line.  However I figured the dot would be best.
Be wary of 3.7 volt modules on the site, they might not even lase on 3.0V

- Small Philips screw driver to undo the case screws
- Side cutters to cut and strip wire
- Soldering iron etc for joining wires, could just twist wires together.
- Tape or heatshrink to insulate joint
- Hot Glue Gun and glue, to fasten wires and module in
- knife or dremel to trim tube

Step 2: Open the casing

Picture of Open the casing
First thing is to take the batteries out.  There's one screw in the butt of the handgrip.  Take it out

Then there are ~14 screws - take them all out.  Be careful to not strip any screwheads.

Gently lift the top off.  All the internals should stay on the other side (left side)

The black tube is the bit that gets removed, to undo the two screws holding that in and remove.  Then cut both wires.

* Note, now is an excellent time to do an air restrictor removal, and to give the mainspring a tweakup.  There are several good instructables on this already.

The lens in front of the LED needs to come out too - if its left then the laser gets defocused and doesn't have a nice point.
So undo the three screws in the grey plastic, pop out the lens and two orange squares, and then reassemble.
Is it a laser by any chance?
criggie (author)  ralphkidsguns3 years ago
Heh yes it is. Came from dx.com originally.