The nerf nite finder is pretty good - its easily moddable, and relatively cheap.  However the targetting light is... pathetic?  Anemic?  Useless?

So I found a cheap laser module and here's how it fits...

Step 1: Get the Parts

You'll require a nerf gun to modify, and a laser module to install.  I got my laser from
Its a 3 volt module, so I could reuse the pair of AA batteries already in the toy.

DX also has laser modules with a cross shape, and a line.  However I figured the dot would be best.
Be wary of 3.7 volt modules on the site, they might not even lase on 3.0V

- Small Philips screw driver to undo the case screws
- Side cutters to cut and strip wire
- Soldering iron etc for joining wires, could just twist wires together.
- Tape or heatshrink to insulate joint
- Hot Glue Gun and glue, to fasten wires and module in
- knife or dremel to trim tube
Is it a laser by any chance?
Heh yes it is. Came from dx.com originally.

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