Picture of Change Old PS2/PS1 Memory To USB Thumbstick
How to upgrade  an old memory chip to fit into a new console or a computer. Maybe you just want a unique USB stick. Anyway the project costs only a few dollars (If you don't have a spare usb drive),  takes only a few tools and small amount of time. I used a PS2 memory card but i'm sure the same steps can be used to upgrade a PS1 memory chip  too.   
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Step 1: Materials And Tools

Picture of Materials And Tools
Materials Required:
1 x USB Thumbstick
1 x PS2/PSX  Memory Card

Exacto Knife
Hot Glue (optional)

Step 2: Extract The Guts From The USB Drive

Picture of Extract The Guts From The USB Drive
Depending on your USB you may need to pry it open with a small screw driver or undo some tiny screws. However mine came apart easily with just my finger nail.  

Step 3: Open Memory Card

Picture of Open Memory Card
Opened up 1.jpg
Opened up.jpg
Next you need to undo the two screws holding the card together. After dislodge the PCB from the housing. 

Step 4: Dry Fit

Picture of Dry Fit
Replace screws.jpg
In order to get my USB to fit i needed to cut the two small pegs that were in the way. I tried a file but it took to long so instead i brought out the trusty exacto knife. The main point is that the USB fits in when both the  plastic covers are screwed closed again. 

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
If your USB is loose i suggest a small amount of hot glue to hols it in place. However mine was vary secure without any so i let it be. Maybe used in another project later (Floppy Disk?). Next thing is to test it out. There it is a 8 mb memory card upgraded to a 4g USB drive.   
KylerM21 month ago

Will this still work for the ps2? or just computers?

Zaphod Beetlebrox (author)  KylerM21 month ago
Just for PC, and I believe any of the newer consoles.
While this is a neat project, you might want to clarify your title.... I originally thought this was for upgrading the memory on an old Ps2 Memory card.
You could probably name it something like Ps2/Ps1 USB memory stick and I think that would clarify the project.

Thanks will do