How to Make XP Look Like VISTA





Introduction: How to Make XP Look Like VISTA

Vista looks pretty cool eh, you might have even considered buying it until you saw the price tag, or maybe you just didn't want to get it because all of the bugs, but either way theres no need to fear because free vista is here! This is not actually windows vista but its pretty close. It's a theming pack called Vista Transformation Pack 7. It basically gives your old XP or 2000 a digital makeover, and we're going to find out how to use it.

Step 1: Download Your Files

To make this look like vista we're going to need 2 programs:

1. Vista Tansformation Pack 7
2. Fast Aero

What is Vista Transformation Pack 7?
Vista transformation pack 7 is a theming program that themes your os to vista by changing things like your boot screen your taskbar your wallpaper your screen savers ect.

What is Fast Aero?
Ya know the nice transparent windows that vista has? This program allows you to have them without dishing out 20 bucks for windowblinds.

Lets Continue

Step 2: Removing Hotfix KB925902

Now if you just tried to install the program you probably noticed an error message such as the one below. All you have to do to fix it is go to add or remove programs in control panel, and check the box that says "show updates". It will load and then scroll down to around the bottom where you'll find the hotfix we need to remove. Once found all you have to do is select remove and say yes when it says that it might mess with some files. When your done select finish and your computer will restart.

Step 3: Installing

Once restarted click on the vista transformation pack 7 file and open it.

An error message will pop up saying get windowblinds. you don't need it so just press ok

Now a screen will say that this is free software and not to be sold.

Now, lets get to installing

Box 1. It basically says read everything carefully or you could (although it's highly unlikely) brick your computer. Press next.

Step 4: Installing Part 2

Box 2. You will see a donate page to donate to Mr. Windows X (why don't you, he put a lot of hard work and effort into this).

Step 5: Installing Part 3

Box 3. On this page you will find the requirements. Make sure your computer meets all the necessary needs and press next.

Step 6: Installing Part 4

Box 4. You will now see the license agreement page. Read it over carefully and accept. Press next.

Step 7: Installing Part 5

Box 5. This page just tells you what its going to do. read it over and press next.

Step 8: Installing Part 6

Box 6. This page is the faq and is very useful and should be backed up so i have provided you with a copy for future reference.

Step 9: Installing Part 7

Box 7. This page is very informing and includes important info. I have also provided you with a copy.

Step 10: Installing Part 8

Box 8. This step asks you if you want to apply vista ui transformation into system or integrate vista transformation pack into system files. choose which one best suits your needs and press next, but if your unsure on what to do select the ui transformation because if you select integrate it into the setup files you can't revert your system files back to the original ones.

Step 11: Installing Part 9

Box 9. This page asks you what your screen specifications are. fill them out and press next.

Step 12: Installing Part 10

Box 10. This page will ask you if you want to install classic or express. select express, its much quicker and easier and in the end it still accomplishes the same thing.

Step 13: Installing Part 11

Box 11. this page will ask you which features to install. select all of them and press next

Step 14: Installing Part 12

Box 12. This is the final page before installing. it says that its ready and you can press transform. let it install and once its done it will say it needs to restart. Select restart and wait for it to load back up.

Step 15: Welcome Center

Finally we're done!. Now that you've logged on you should probably see something called "Vista Transformation Pack - Welcome Center". Click on configure user account.

Step 16: Configuring

Check the boxes that are checked in the picture and press continue. A window will pop up saying the computer needs to be restarted, select ok and wait.

Step 17: Changes

Now if you've followed along correctly you're probably noticing some changes such as the boot logo and the welcome screen and the sounds. But as soon as you log on your thinking where the heck is the sweet vista taskbar!?! Don't panic its easy to find. all you have to do is right click on your desktop, select properties and then select themes. there should be windows aero, windows classic, windows vista, and windows xp. select windows vista and press apply. Congratulations. Your computer looks almost exactly like a vista. But what about the wallpaper you ask? go to properties and select backgrounds this time. scroll down and you should see some new backgrounds. choose whatever one you like (but if your going for a real vista look may i suggest numbers 24 & 36).

Step 18: Fast Aero

Didn't think i forgot about it did ya?

This is a cakewalk compared to the last install we did. All you have to do is unzip the folder into the programs file of your C drive, and then copy fast aero (the little shield) to startup in the start menu.

Step 19: Congratulations

Congratulations! we're finally done. Hopefully this turned out good for you :)

And this is my first instructable so if i did a poor job or left somthing out or mispelled somthing please tell me. thanks guys.




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    just to let anyone know, the fast aero download link is infected with a trojan virus. i found like 5 of them on the link. try something else if it works or risk your computer and your safety!

    i downloaded SP3 and it killed this, vistart and viorb still work, but nothing else does. i just got finished reformatting my computer and reinstalling all the drivers so i'm kinda tired of this kind of stuff for now so is there a simple way to just make this all go away? will uninstalling the transformation pack remove every part of it, or will there still be residual effects?

    Being a vista user, I can safely say that you would never EVER want it. Was lied to and told it was good for gaming (A while ago, never really considered how much RAM it took up... that and I was on a laptop) and what a surprised - Staples work on commission, so I'm stuck with a crappy operating system trying to get out.

    transformation pack cannot be downloaded :(

    Fast Aero really slows down the system.

    I recommend TrueTransparency instead of Fast Aero. Besides, Vista Transformation Pack 8.01 includes TrueTransparency.

    I have found out that this will also work on Windows 95 and 98, depending on your system.

    i have successfully done this but when i boot up my comp it still sez qindows xp. after that it shows the vista symbol and starts up w/ vista ultimate. any help?