I've been working on my school bus conversion for a while now. All the lights on the inside where changed to LEDs. While I changed all the exterior light fixtures I replaced them with modern incandescent lights. Exterior LED truck/bus lights were not as readily available then as they are now. My old round headlights are dim and out of style. While working the Sugar Beet Harvest in North Dakota I noticed several new trucks with round LED headlights come through the un-loader. Hence, the search was on. Below are the results.

Step 1: The First Test

Here are a few halfway pictures. I completed one side before I started the other side So I could make good comparisons. The pictures show views from outside facing the bus and from inside sitting in the drivers seat. They were taken at daylight, dusk and at dark. (Not to worry. I did not drive with mismatched headlights.)

I dig it. You did a good job!
Thanks for the view and the comment. I will try to update it when I finish the passenger side and get them both aimed. It's raining today (drat) so it may be a few days.<br><br>Leonard

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