If your basic flip flops keep falling of your feet, or you traverse the river or walk in damp or wet environment - easily upgrade them and save money buying new ones.

DIY upgrade it, be like a boss! Try some anti-consumerism.

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Step 1: Watch the Video..

Follow detailed instructions. It's that easy!

Materials used: rope (or duck tape)

<p>this looks like it would rub on the back of the foot, maybe it could be improved with a bit of padding there? If it was a bit of soft tube it could roll around and not ever be the wrong way round.</p>
Hi Orgamiunicorn,<br>That is also a great option.<br>I walked 28 days in the jungle with this setup, in the river, damp tropic conditions 24/7 (rain season). No problem.<br>But you can use tubbing if you have it .. or pad it with a piece of cloth, that does not catch water. This way you won't get blisters.<br>Same reason I did not use it, and just sticked to the rope only.

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