Introduction: Upgrade Your Bluetooth V2.0

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Today i'm going to upgrade my bluetooth headset into wired bluetooth headset and i'm also going to upgrade my battery backup....

Lets start.....

Step 1: Requirements

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Our Requirements are as follows:-


2. Some Tape

3. Screw Driver

4. Mobile

5. Soldering Iron and Soldering Stand

6. Soldering Paste And Solder

7. Lighter

8. Blade

9. Bluetooth Headset

10. Old Earphone

11. Nokia battery (3.7V 1020mAh) or any mobile batter (3.7V (*As you wish)mAh)


* As you wish means the bluetooth battery is of 3.7V 100/120mAh

Step 2: Procedure With Earphone

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First we take an old earphone and cut it into half.

Now take the part which contain speakers and burn your lighter on the cut end point then solder each wires with the help of soldering components. Now solder two wire together. here question come which wire to chose. Ans:- Solder both golden wires together and solder both other colored wire together.

Step 3: Procedure With Bluetooth Headset

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Now open you bluetooth headset carefully. Place all the small components on other side. KEEP IT SAFE.

Check which wires are connected for speaker then unsolder those wires from circuit and paste it on the body of bluetooth headset with the help of some tape. Now take the earphone golden wire and solder it on -ve sign and solder another wires to +ve sign. Test it with you phone which is compatible with it or you can test it on your laptop.

Step 4: Assembling

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Now Assemble all the parts of bluetooth headset.

And test it again......

Step 5: Procedure of Upgrading Battery

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If you want to upgrade your battery power then first you need a battery of 3.7V and then solder one wire in -ve and solder another wire in +ve terminals.

Then remove your small battery of low Amp. and solder your high Amp. battery on place of low Amp. Battery. As +ve terminal on +ve sign and -ve terminal on -ve sign. Because of battery your bluetooth chip is not fit in your bluetooth container so paste some tape on battery and paste your bluetooth chip on it.

Enjoy..... Long Last.......


amberrayh (author)2015-02-02

Great job modifying these items!

Tech Works (author)amberrayh2015-02-02

i'm going to modify 3 more things in 1-2 day

Thanks of seeing

Hope you like it

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