Step 6: Mounting the internals - Part 2, The PSU.

Picture of Mounting the internals - Part 2, The PSU.
 I salvaged a PSU from a small form factor Dell Optiplex, thankfully it was just the right size to fit inside the Macintosh.

The first modification was to take off the top shell, to allow the power plug to be rotated and fit on the back to tie in with the original power connection.

I cut a peice of styrene to hold the power plug in the correct position, once I had got it cut to fit the back of the case, I could easily hold it in place, and trace through from the outside. I could then mount the connection in the correct place. I attached the styrene to the metal frame using double sided plastic tape, and epoxy resin to attach the plug to the styrene.

Finally, I cut out a section from some plastic packaging that was left over to cover up the open PSU to prevent it accidentally shorting.

The PSU was then stuck into the bottom of the case using more double sided plastic tape, I also wired it up to the case in order to earth it to the rest if the machine.