Light up your switch with LED!
Replace the lightbulb inside with LED and use it with 3V  circuits!
There is also a plenty of benefits of using LED in the switch.

Go and check first step!

Step 1: Parts You'll Need to Convert Your Switch and Why Do You Want to Do It.

Why do you want to use LED instead of lightbulb inside your switch?

- LED doesn't get hot when in use - lightbulb does.
- LED uses 3V instead of 12V that bulb uses and the switch can be used in low-voltage projects.
- LED is much brighter! (you can even use switch as a flashlight when you fit inside the hi-power LED)

Idea to replace the bulb in the switch came today, when I was going back home from the electronics store, because I bought a switch for my USB charger and I realized that the bulb inside uses 12V and the maximum voltage in my USB charger is only about 8V...
And there was another problem- even If I would use the lightbulb it will discharge my battery much faster than LED.

So, if you know what we'll going to do, let's see what you'll need for this project:

-Switch (of course)
-LED (in this case- SMT LED)
-Any thin wire you find (I use some silver plated wire)
-Flathead  screwdriver
-Solder and soldering iron

And optionally- some grease.

Ready? Let's get started!
<p>Wow, neat! I wonder why do they even make the switches with lightbulbs in them. I suspect a LED would be even cheaper than a lightbulb these days.</p>
<p>True LED is cheaper but it does need a constant current and proper voltage to work. And a switch with the LED can be used in 3v circuits that can power the LED properly. If you were to increase the circuit voltage then you will need to provide a resistor (which is not efficient) or a circuit to control the power going to LED. Hence it will increase the cost of manufacturing and I believe that is the reason for using the bulb.<br>Perhaps they can make voltage specific switches that has proper circuit to control the power going to the LED.<br>What do you(anyone) think?</p>
<p>Btw, this is a good hack :)</p>

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