Picture of Upgrade your switch to LED
Light up your switch with LED!
Replace the lightbulb inside with LED and use it with 3V  circuits!
There is also a plenty of benefits of using LED in the switch.

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Step 1: Parts you'll need to convert your switch and why do you want to do it.

Picture of Parts you'll need to convert your switch and why do you want to do it.
Why do you want to use LED instead of lightbulb inside your switch?

- LED doesn't get hot when in use - lightbulb does.
- LED uses 3V instead of 12V that bulb uses and the switch can be used in low-voltage projects.
- LED is much brighter! (you can even use switch as a flashlight when you fit inside the hi-power LED)

Idea to replace the bulb in the switch came today, when I was going back home from the electronics store, because I bought a switch for my USB charger and I realized that the bulb inside uses 12V and the maximum voltage in my USB charger is only about 8V...
And there was another problem- even If I would use the lightbulb it will discharge my battery much faster than LED.

So, if you know what we'll going to do, let's see what you'll need for this project:

-Switch (of course)
-LED (in this case- SMT LED)
-Any thin wire you find (I use some silver plated wire)
-Flathead  screwdriver
-Solder and soldering iron

And optionally- some grease.

Ready? Let's get started!
enkiusz11 months ago

Wow, neat! I wonder why do they even make the switches with lightbulbs in them. I suspect a LED would be even cheaper than a lightbulb these days.

amorarun enkiusz6 months ago

True LED is cheaper but it does need a constant current and proper voltage to work. And a switch with the LED can be used in 3v circuits that can power the LED properly. If you were to increase the circuit voltage then you will need to provide a resistor (which is not efficient) or a circuit to control the power going to LED. Hence it will increase the cost of manufacturing and I believe that is the reason for using the bulb.
Perhaps they can make voltage specific switches that has proper circuit to control the power going to the LED.
What do you(anyone) think?

amorarun amorarun6 months ago

Btw, this is a good hack :)