Introduction: Upgraded Nerf Strong-arm! (The Strong Man)

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Hey guys, so I was digging through my closet when I found my old nerf gun. Being the bored guy that I am, I decided to spruce it up.


Step 1: Supplies!

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You will need:

Spray paint of your choice

Nerf gun

Plastic gun (preferably AK47)

Attachments of your choice

Step 2: Add Grip and a Stock.

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I took the handle and the stock from my toy AK47 and taped/glued them to the nerf gun.

Step 3: Paint the Nerf Gun.

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I took the gun and spray painted it completely black with gray marks (to give it a weathered look). You can, of course, paint it anyway you want, but the way I painted it seems to look the best.

Step 4: Add Your Attachments.

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Once your gun is dry, you can add the attachments. Firstly, I chose to use paracord to make a grip. I then added a flashlight, a scope (I used a pair of cheap folding binoculars), and two small clips for a sling.

Step 5: Your Done!

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Enjoy your new Nerf gun!


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