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Make a sleeve for your X-acto knife quickly and easily. These are super fast projects and use simple scraps. These make excellent gifts for the crafty person you know.

I made a few more of these. The stubby olive-wood X-acto is by far the most comfortable. The way it fits in my hand seems perfect. If you remove the red handle from the X-act you are left with a stubby little blade holder. you could also cut down one of the regular sized X-acto knives for this size blade holder.

Step 1: Grab some scraps

Picture of Grab some scraps
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I used some curly maple scraps I had in the bin for mine. The X-acto knives I have are around 5-6" in length, so make sure your scraps are long enough. once you have them cut square, mark centers on each end.
Tangski7 months ago

Beautiful! I am looking forward to making one for myself for my studio!!! Cheers mate!

smellytuna2 years ago
These would be excellent wand handles. I do encourage you to create some wands
Heh I thought about Sonic Screwdriver handles
BIVS20002 years ago
Super idea! Thank you for the idea. I'm heading for the lathe today!
SlickSqueegie (author)  BIVS20002 years ago
Thank you for the comment. and I would love to see what you come up with.
Very slick!
SlickSqueegie (author)  MobileMakerspace2 years ago
thanks :)
amit_sci2 years ago
Wow, great idea! But I was wondering if it is just as easy to work with? Do you find yourself removing the sleeve to work around tough places or is it more ergonomic?
SlickSqueegie (author)  amit_sci2 years ago
The sleeve is glued in place. I stopped the sleeve at the point where your fingers grip and control the cuts so it does not get in the way at all. It actually fits and feels much better in my hand.
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
I too am interested in the ergonomics. Well done, they are very pretty :D
SlickSqueegie (author)  Pat_Maroney2 years ago
Thank you. they fit quite well and are much more comfortable.
X-acto....learn something :).
You should make a set of those handles and sell them for the basic knife set, I bet people will love them. Great job as usual :)
SlickSqueegie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
Thanks Tarun,
I Think they are a nice little personalization for them. not to mention it makes them more comfortable to grasp. I'm kinda surprised this one didn't get featured. There are no instructables out here like it that i can find. Ah well, you can't win em all. :)
Oh I bet they are very comfortable, my hands sweat while working on precision cutting and then these knives always slips. I wish I can feature this ible for you.
And I wish we were not geographically so far, otherwise I would have been your first customer :)
SlickSqueegie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
lol :) go figure!
Did you have anything to do with that?