Step 5: Make Sure You Have All Necessary Tools

An experienced repair engineer could do this job in under 10 minutes using only one phillips screwdriver. And most likely they'd be fine, but we need to be much safer than that. We could also learn some interesting tips and tricks with other tools.

You are going to need:
1. Phillips 0 size screwdriver
2. Pry Stick Opening Tool
3. Head light (having the area you're working on well lit makes any job much more enjoyable)
4. Piece of cardboard
5. Double-sided tape
6. Compressed air
7. Rubbing alcohol
8. Microfiber cloth
9. Thread locker

I'll explain how to use these tools along the way.

<p>Can you tell me if memory for a 13&quot; MacBook will fit a 15&quot; MacBook Pro? I found some for 13&quot; but I have a 15&quot;.</p>
<p>Be sure to use removable thread locker, not the permanent type!</p>
<p>good point, I would stick to Blue lock tite, not the red stuff that's shown. asking for trouble</p>
<p>Thanks, the tutorial was easy to follow and included some good tips.</p>
<p>Thank you for this tutorial ! The ram insertion is tricky, but everything worked out fine.</p>
Will this affect any saved files in anyway? I'm a little lost as to the difference between the RAM and the Hard Drive. Both memory- but yeah just lost. All I know is my Mac needs a boost
<p>This will not affect your saved files. RAM is just temporary storage, and it's erased every time you turn your computer off.</p><p>You should know, however, that if you have a MacBook Pro w/ Retina, it is no longer possible to perform a RAM upgrade, as the RAM is now soldered in place. If you have a non-Retina, it should still be possible.</p>
<p>I see in other instructions online to disconnect the battery. What is your thoughts on that?</p>
<p>As long as you properly shut down the computer, you should be safe with battery plugged in. If you still want to unplug the battery, be sure not damage the battery connector -- it's kinda fragile.</p>
Hi Doctor Jazz, what is it you're plugging you anti-static wrist band into? I have a band but nothing to attach it to in my work area and something like that could be very useful.
<p>There's a slot for it on the mat (the black plastic thing on the corner; need to remove the alligator clip first). If you're not using a mat, you can also clip the wrist band to the chassis (the metal case) of the computer (in which case leave the alligator clip on). The anti-static mat is the better way to go, though. All mats should have a place to plug wrist bands in on one of the corners. If you live in a dry area, use a water-based lotion on your wrist first to increase the electrical contact with your skin. Hope this helps.</p>
Great, well done Instructable. Clear,concise, well illustrated- couldn't have been done better! Thank you.
Great instructable, thanks!
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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